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I created a CLI for Cloudflare with Go and Cobra library and using this CLI in my daily works for creating, manage our organization Cloudflare zones, dns, SSL. This is not fully developed but contains most of important features for your Cloudflare CDN works.


Download the latest release at Cloudflare CLI release

On Linux/RHEL
tar -xf linux-amd64-v0.x.x.tar.gz -C /usr/local/bin
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/cloudflare
tar -xf darwin-arm64-v0.x.x.tar.gz -C /usr/local/bin
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/cloudflare



show cli introductions & starter command

cloudflare [ --help | -h ]
           [ --debug ]
cloudflare login

Login into Cloudflare API using API Token (–token | -t) or Email/ApiKey (–email|-e and –key|-k)

cloudflare login [ --token | -t ]
                 [ --email | -e ]
                 [ --key | -k ]

#global flags                                   
                 [ --help | -h ]
                 [ --debug ]
cloudflare version

Show current CLI version and Cloudflare API version

cloudflare version [ --short | -s ]

#global flags                                   
                   [ --help | -h ]
                   [ --debug ]


See full documentation at github READ me page


If you find this tool useful please leave me your review, and if you found any bug please Open a Issues & Commit on GitHub, pull requests also welcome.

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